Global climate change and agricultural production. Direct and indirect effects of changing hydrological, pedological and plant physiological processes

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1. The climate change – Agriculture conundrum

2. The effects of changes in the world hydrological cycle on availability of water resources

3. The effects of global change on soil conditions in relation to plant growth and food production

4. The CO2 fertilization effect: higher carbohydrate production and retention as biomass and seed yield

5. The effects of elevated CO2 and temperature change on transpiration and crop water use

6. Effects of higher day and night temperatures on growth and yields of some crop plants

7. Adverse effects of elevated levels of ultraviolet (UV)-B radiation and ozone (O3) on grop growth and productivity

8. Combined effects of changing CO2 temperature, UV-B radiation and O3 on crop growth

9. The potential effects of climate change on world food production and security

10. Climate change, global agriculture and regional vulnerability

11. Integrating land-use change and evaluating feedbacks in global change models: The IMAGE 2 approach

12. Global change impacts on agriculture, forestry and soils: The programme of the global change and terrestrial ecosystems core project of IGBP

13. Global climatic change and agricultural production: An assessment of current knowledge and critical gaps

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